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Products - Cast Stone Products

Corner steps

With corner steps for the inside sphere as well as for the undeveloped outskirt area it concerns precast concrete plant stone products with different cross sections and Grits which are hung up on stepped or sloping construction and are fastened. One distinguishes different layout types (Single flights, 2-in heat, quarters or half-spiral stairs) and step kinds (corner, block, step, step / Risers and wedge steps)



Steps are used with new buildings as well as with the refurbishment of old buildings. They are moved to precast cheeks from steel or concrete or are screwed together. By the application different Granules, paints and forms varied, aesthetically attractive creation variations are realizable

Block steps

There are block steps in variable masses, various forms and paints. The processing follows in view concrete, concrete plant stone or granite. For the undeveloped outskirt area sandblasted or faltered surfaces are offered

Bolt stairs

With the bolt stairs one makes a distinction between Single bolt-and 2 bolt stairs. With the 2 bolt stairs the step steps are wall-sided and linked on the page free of wall by a Lifting Pins with each other. On the wall page every step step on the underside in the Lifting Pin is firmly linked with a wall anchor. The wall anchors are at least 12 cm into the wall mortared construction

Terrazzo tiles, skirting boards, patio slabs

Concrete plant stone disks unreinforced, machines-manufactured products are polished in different dimensions, thick and surface structures (finishing, are faltered, radiated). By use to multi color Terrazzo-Grits as well as white or gray cement there are these disks in many colored executions. Terrazzo slabs are ecologically friendly, free of issue, lasting, tough, not ignitable and light to maintain. They are likewise suitable for special requirements like certain electric conductivity and high wear resistance

Sohl-and windowsills

There are windowsills for the inside sphere as well as for the undeveloped outskirt area. In the inside sphere they have basically decorative character and should be planned, therefore, in form, thickness, paint, but also for the technical sensible installation. To guarantee the feature of the outside windowsill, the derivation of the attacking water before the outer wall vertical as a rule, Water-rinse-edge (water noses) are necessary. The windowsills can become polished, sandblasted or washed fine


For the inside sphere as well as for the undeveloped outskirt area stages in the beginning and escape can be used by finished part stairs. They are completeable with layers of marble, Terrazzo or granite

Pillar and wall coverings

Pillar covers and poor covers for fence layouts are manufactured as components in writing desk form or roof form, are with a water nose stock and can be moved on site by means of Mortar. Caused by different production procedures the following surfaces can be achieved: formwork-flatly, sandblasted, polished and washed

Special elements

Special elements for the doors or window disguising from concrete plant stone are lasting in her varied forms and surface treatments, continual and easy-care

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