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Tips - Right transfer of concrete plant stone disks

German Institute for Standardization ATV 18333 “Concrete plant stone work"

Publishers mortar according to DIN 1053 Part 1 to produce and process. For floors and levels in the open is mortar group III according to DIN 1053 Part 1 to use. For floors and levels in the interior mortar group II is used.


The Mortar bed for floor coverings must be at least 15 mm thick. Nevertheless, it may not be thicker than 30 mm.


Layers are to be invested with the following joints-wide: Concrete plant stone disks in the Mortar bed with edge lengths to 60 cm = 3 mm, with edge lengths more than 60 cm = 5 mm.

Conclusions from German Institute for Standardization 1053 and German Institute for Standardization 18333 

Deformations by dwindling of the Publishers mortar impair the quality of a floor covering. Dwindle of the Mortar depends above all on the dampness, the thick and the composition of the Mortar.


Consequences on the layer 

The sale of the Mixing water of the Mortar leads to shortening (dwindling). The thicker the Publishers mortar, greater his deformation. The higher the binding agent interest in the Mortar, greater his deformation.


Tips for the transferring 

  • Mortar group to the use place of the floor covering adapt (pure pedestrian's sphere, e.g., residential building, retail shop: Mortar group II or II a; supermarkets: Mortar group III)
  • Pure Mortar thickness more than 30 mm (requires the available construction height thicker Mortar shifts, a balance shift which must exist at least 5-7 days before the transfer of the base plates) is to be installed
  • The joints in the flat layer may be concluded only 5-7 days after the transfer; only so become joint tears, perhaps even tears in the disks avoided

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